Printmaking - woodcut / linolcut

The woodcut is a high-pressure process in which a relief-like wooden printing block is used
to generate graphics; the single graph thus generated is called woodcut.
The woodcut is one like the wood engraving and block pressure to xylographers process.

Since the invention of printing the woodcut was the appropriate procedure to illustrate books,
as the cliché could be inserted in typographical set and printed together with him in one operation.

To prepare the printing block the non-printing parts are of a smooth planed wooden board with
cutting blades removed and the raised portions and thereafter dyed printed (high pressure).
The impression is made by means of a Handabreibung Falzbeins and Japanese Baren or
by a printing press.
Quelle: wikipedia



Linolcut 2017


"silvermoon over Teufelsmoor" 

woodcut 2016 with genuine silver pad

"Eifelmaar" - woodcut 2015

"autumn farmland" -  woodcut 2015

"Graphic I" - woodcut 2014